to the future!

Future Centers are powerful platforms for collaborative innovation that help users to transform reality. 

FCA is an exciting and diverse alliance of pioneering people and organizations that believe that "the best way to understand the future is to help create it".

You are welcome to explore with us the art and practice of shaping the future. 


prototype new services, products, solutions and ways of working


address complex social, economic, ecological, urban and political challenges

generate profound and sustainable impact

and help co-create the future


What are Future Centers


Future Centers are facilitated  thinking, working and meeting places.

They act as plaforms for collaborative innovation.  

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The combination of a specific set of Operating Principles is what makes the Future Center a unique and powerful platform for organizational renewal and innovation. Click to discover them

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Real World Future Centers

Always navigating the past, present and the future….


Learn about the look, feel, action and impact of several  real-world future centers

A Virtual Visit

Here's a quick look at Future Centers in a film which was  made by the Country House Future Center in 2008.

The Future Centers Summits

Since 2005, the Future Center Summits have served as an opportunity for the members of the international Future Center community to meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other, explore new ideas and launch new joint initiatives.Each summit has a special theme and a unique format but they all share the principles and core values of Future Centers by mixing play and serious work, learning and doing.

News from the Future

Great resources about the art and practice of Future Centers

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The FCA is a global community of Future Centers and similar dedicated innovation environments, as well as Future Center practitioners.


These organizations and people share a passion for creating sustainable solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by nurturing collaboration and the freedom to think differently, learning from culturally diverse wisdom, sharing concepts widely and producing outcomes that can be successfully implemented.


Learn why you should join the FCA community, and how.