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RE-imagine: What are Future Centers?

Dear Colleague,


The Future Center Alliance (FCA) is platform organization bringing together Future Centers, Innovation Labs and other like-minded centers, as well as active practitioners using ‘future center thinking’ in their work.

Created in 2010, the FCA grew out of work completed for the European Commission (OpenFutures, 2006-2008). Our international events (Summits) have brought together people from business, government and NGOs from more than 30 countries.



Mental Reparadigming.

FC is at the core of Mental Reparadigming. A FC might support in this transformative shift from one S-curve to a new S-curve, by among others reduce fear, increase perception of new signals and enjoyment. A FC is a space to learn to think and both perceive and address the weak signals of the Future.


They have existed in their modern form have existed since the mid-1990s, spearheaded and inspired by initiatives in Sweden - the Skandia Future Center, Sweden  - and the UK - The Royal Mail Innovation Lab.


The FCA is presently looking at ‘the future of future centers’ and ‘future-center thinking’, with the intention of reimagining and redefining them in ways that suit the 3rd decade of the 21st century.




In the recent years a good numbers of people shared their thoughts. You can find below "12 initial voices on Future Center 3.0, as well as a fascinating description of the unique interpretation of Future Centers, namely the concept and practice of Wise Places that emerged in the recent years in Japan. You might find here some inspiring ideas. 


Invitation to engage: re-imagine with us

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